Evaluation forms

Today I am using an evaluation form with my year 9 English groups who have been learning about TiE. Hopefully they will not only consider their own performance but the process their group went through and what they could do better next time. Let’s see how they get on…

Tweeting: ruffled my feathers!

Twitter has been around for a while…I didn’t get what the fuss was about to be honest. And then last week my colleague told me I HAD to join because of all the tweets about teaching. I joined. And now I am a convert! I love it. It really excites me and I love how open everyone is to sharing their ideas and others’ ideas – what a fantastic community?
I will be using Twitter to share ideas about teaching and will marry it with my blog – so I can keep a ‘buzz about teaching’!
Please feel free to share the page and post your ideas too – let’s be in it together!
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Kathy Darlison at 13:55