Twitter Bug

Wow! Having been a member of Twitter for just over a month now, I can honestly say I am addicted…well addicted  may be a little hyperbolic but I am a huge fan! I have decided to use it mainly for Teaching and Learning and already I have picked up so many great ideas and tips. What’s more, my activity is attracting more followers and interactions and this is really exciting. I feel part of a Teaching and Learning community which is brilliant and everyone is so keen to share and support.

This week, I have tweeted about the Summer School I organised and ran  (a post will follow shortly on that and its successes and problems) I have interacted with people about displays, shared some of my teaching tips and have had a few tweets retweeted! Hurrah!

I definitely feel this week has been a success in terms of building a profile and getting my name ‘out there’…I hope this continues and I really hope that I can set up an account for my school when we return in September with the other ASTs.

After a bit of a break form worky-things this coming week I am going to enjoy getting back into tweeting and building up my blog with different resources and ideas.

K x

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