Bored of Displays?!

Since the summer holiday, I have been trying to redo/revamp/reinvigorate the display boards in ‘Room 3’. Unfortunately I don’t have my own classroom, 9 English teachers share 5 class rooms, so you can imagine they get a little messy and a little unkempt because no one has full ownership or responsibility for their own room. Luckily however, this year, I have been timetabled in ‘Room 3’ for the vast majority of my lessons and I love it! It’s the best class room on our corridor, in my opinion because it has a mini stage in an alcove to the side of the room, so it’s perfect from Drama, and being a Drama and English teacher, I find this a particular bonus! It also means I have a lovely bay window that I can stick more things on!!

Just before the summer term ended I was appointed as a Lead Practitioner so over the summer I thought it would be good to make a start on preparing my classroom so that it really focused and advocated effective teaching and learning. I magpied ideas from Twitter (particular thanks and gratitude go to @LauraLolder and @fod3 for their ideas and resources) and set to creating new displays and updating existing ones. One I am particularly proud of is my Teaching and Learning themed board: ‘How/What are we learning?’ On this board, which is at the front of the room by the whiteboard, I have lots of key pedagogical terminology, techniques and prompts for effective learning. One of my best resources are my ‘What Went Well/Even Better If’ slips that have the visual images of thought and speech bubbles on. Pupils use these at any time in the lesson to reflect on their learning, confidence and progress and they use them really well. I am also pleased with the boards I have dedicated to GCSE information and KS3. I am nearly done with the KS3 one, just need to add my vocab ideas (another borrowed idea from Twitter!). I hope that the pupils in KS4 will refer to the GCSE board if they need information or want to see WAGOLL.

I really hope that the pupils feel they’re as useful as I want them to be for them! I am referring to them in lessons and they have been on the ball when we have played ‘spot the differences in room 3’ every week since the new term began! It makes my day when one pupil asks what something is or how something is spelt and another pupil shouts out ‘it’s on the board!’.

My last mission is to add a ‘stuck station’ header up near Literacy Corner that will encourage pupils to be more independent and seek their own ways to solve a problem. This will be used as a physical place where pupils can go to to pick up help sheets that I have prepared for that lesson or for advice on how to become ‘unstuck’ with some pointers for example on what to do before asking me for help. I will upload an image of that when it’s done. I am currently playing with train signs on google images and trying to add my own text so it looks like a train station sign *geek*!!

Here are some images of ‘Room 3’.










I am particularly interested in pupils being able to make the best progress possible so I am proud of my colour coded thought bubbles above the White Board that correspond to Writing assessment focuses for levels 3-6 they are great for AfL and pupils’ reflection.
I have also tried to add some personal touches with my Penguin book cover mobile and my poetry post cards.

I have really enjoyed doing my displays; it’s been a bit of a hard slog but when people comment on how nice the room looks or when the pupils use the displays I know it’s been worth it!
What do you do in your class room? Please share too!
Kathy 🙂

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