Getting creative

Since the beginning of this year I have been trying to be more creative in my teaching and offer the pupils in my classes opportunities to be more independent in choosing their tasks and more creative. This started when we looked at the Jabberwocky poem in July (new classes start in June due to Roll Over). We explored the poem as a whole class then I set up a craft area: paper, card, pens, paints, crafts, scissors and glue and have them 2 lessons to ‘create me something to show your interpretation of the poem’… The stuff I got was stunning! If it hadn’t been then end of the year I would have extended it slightly to include more text but the summer holidays got in the way!

Since September the creative juices have been flowing. We have created games based in the novel ‘Stone Cold’ and this produced some excellent results: Snakes and Ladders with key ups and downs for the characters in the novel; Stone Cold Monopoly, board games with questions and chance cards. My pupils really strived to show they’d understood and engaged with the story and characters.

More recently (today) we made a range of firework/ bonfire night themes texts: poems, information leaflets, word walls and the odd firework!

In addition to my year 9s’ wonderful class work they have produced some quite breath-taking projects exploring changes in the English Language inspired by a lesson I did on the new additions to the OED and more recently an Identity themed homework (inspired by Rachel Jones).

I know this probably isn’t anything that you’re not already doing but thought if share!

Kathy 😃








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