Out of my comfort zone

❔❔ Mystery, suspense and tension… Creative writing at year 9 ❔❔

I have to admit teaching creative writing makes me nervous! As a pupil I was told I ‘hadn’t quite got it’ when I tried to write a recipe poem and with no idea on how to improve I felt that I was pretty crap at creative writing. I think that sense of failure and not being encourages/taught how to improve stayed with me throughout and it squashed my creativity. Give me an an essay to write and I love it and I genuinely think this reflects in my teaching, I teach analytical writing a lot, I think I do it well but I don’t think I am hugely successful at teaching creative writing; it just doesn’t come naturally. I am trying to be better. So for the year 9 ‘Mystery, suspense and tension’ scheme I am determined to spend a good amount of time allowing pupils to be creative in their writing and to help them develop as writers. It’s starting tomorrow with using some images to help explore creating tension and suspense: drawing on their own experiences of feeling nervous, anxious and tense and linking this to a bank of techniques we discussed that ‘good mystery writing’ includes/incorporate.

The images are real life images from the petrol station I stupidly stopped at at half 11 on Saturday night without realising how freaking spooky it was 👻
I felt nervous and anxious so I quickly snapped some pics to use to help develop their ability to capture the feelings of their characters by empathising with me!
I will let you know how it goes!





Kathy 😃👍

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