Group work to explore how to organise the controlled assessment. 












I gave the class ‘points’ that discussed love (they could write their own) and a set of key quotations (again, they could add their own) they had to cut them out and stick them next to the point they matched/supported. This brought about discussion and reasoning skills. Most pupils found it extremely helpful for helping to organise the content they’d learnt. Their h/w was to then plan their own essay and the results of that were great. I had detailed plans that cross referenced sections of the play. I had detailed practice paragraphs and lots of originality which was fantastic. For those who it didn’t work for I would encourage them to try it for a lesson then work independently if they prefer so that the experience is more suited to their learning style and they get the most out of it. More pics to track the process later. These images are from lesson 2 out if 3-4.

Kathy 😃👍

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