🌟TeachMeet English Derby 16th Nov 🌟


Eeeeek I attended my first TeachMeets this week… That’s right plural: teach meets! I attended the Cov Lead Meet on Tuesday and yesterday I attended the Derby English TeachMeet which was just awesome!


I was presenting so I was nervous but ultimately I was psyched to meet all the wonderful people I have been tweeting since the summer; put some faces to names and avatars! And it was brilliant!
Chris Curtis was a fantastic host and set the sessions up brilliantly. There were a range of short presentations where teachers with a range if roles and experiences shared an idea or a process that works well and from that I got loads of good ideas! In between each presenter we had a nifty little quiz to complete which was a great idea and Ice breaker.




Were were treated to a scrummy cream cake and wonderful selection of resources to take away. It was such a fun and rich experience.


I am classed as a geek at school for my passion and enthusiasm and willingness to go above and beyond to develop as a teacher. But do you know what? I don’t bloody care. If being a geek means spending 5 hours getting to, from and being at a wonderful event with like-minded teachers who are happy to share and discuss teaching and learning then brand me! #geeks
I picked up a plethora of ideas and resources; everyone was so generous.


Here are my reflections and things I will try out from the event:






So many wonderful ideas! It really got me buzzing! So how will I use some ideas straight away?!


And others, I plan to factor into my teaching soon or as soon as I can.

Please check out the people who I have mentioned in my scrawl on my pictures or look at who I have tweeted about yesterday. They are all awesome and have such fantastic things to share. Also here’s a list of useful and interesting blogs to check out!


A huge thank you to Chris @Xris32 for hosting. He really has inspired me to host my own so watch this space… #tmcoventry maybe coming in the new year!



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