Author event for a Monday afternoon: my school’s Reading club post


This afternoon I (Miss Darlison) was lucky enough to take a wonderful set of year 9 girls to visit Coventry’s Central Library to see author David Massey, who was giving a presentation and discussing his novel ‘Torn’.

We found our way to the Library (special thanks to the girls for leading the way 😉) and had plenty of time before the event started to experience the library and what it had to offer. It’s a wonderful library if you haven’t been before. I thoroughly suggest getting yourself enrolled there as they have a superb young adult section!

At half 1 we gathered in the little meeting room with some Sidney Stringer pupils for an intimate presentation from the exciting new author. His presentation was perfectly pitched at us; he gave us some back ground information about himself; told us how he came up with his idea for the novel ‘Torn’; how he plans his plot and character development and how he edited the finished piece. It was so interesting hearing all about the process and I think he did a great job explaining things like how he makes his writing interesting and how he build his character; it was very useful. He showed us clips, played us music, showed us real life inspirations he used and had us hooked!

His book is about a teenage medic who is working in a war-torn zone in Afghanistan. The story focuses on her experience of being a medic and also has a love story running along side it. He read us a taster and left us on a real cliff hanger! Who was shot?! You’ll have to read it to find out… I’m desperate to find out! David’s wife also read us a snippet from the love story section and it was beautifully written.

What I liked best was when he asked if there were any questions Rhiann and Justyna were brave enough to ask him! To end the wonderful presentation we were able to buy a copy of his book and he signed it for us!

A great afternoon was had by all! Watch out for the novel in the library; he signed it to Stoke Park so we have a very special copy for the library at school! Let us know when you’ve read it!

Miss D 😄

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