My ‘year’ on Twitter #nurture1314

It’s not been a whole year but I did join Twitter in 2013 and I have many things that I want to reflect on and look forward to so here’s my humble attempt at the #nurture1314 party!

1. Twitter! I’ve been a total Twitter convert since joining in July (or June, can’t remember!) and there are LOTS of reasons why Twitter is my number 1 on this list… Here’s a very quick list of why:
๐Ÿ‘ New ‘friends’: people to interact with who feel the same, can offer non-judgemental support and advice
๐Ÿ‘ A plethora of new ideas
๐Ÿ‘ Networking
๐Ÿ‘ Helping others
๐Ÿ‘ Sharing some of my ideas and having them liked and used (the human in me finds this very gratifying!)
๐Ÿ‘ Keeping up-to-date with things
๐Ÿ‘ Learning how T&L works in other subject areas….
(just a few!)
My ‘Twitter Video’ was a real highlight as it showcases some if the great things I have shared; some of the great things I have gained and some of the Twitter friendships I have made. I love my top 3 interactions @Xris32, @englishlulu and @Jobaker9 they’re all really inspirational and helpful and kind (gush gush). ๐Ÿ˜˜

Here are my top ten interactions (sneaky screen capture!)


2. TeachMeets
I attended 2 TMs in one week and bloody loved it!
@Xris32’s #EnglishTM was possible I me of the best Saturdays I have had in a while that involved work (I never work on a Saturday; it’s my ‘day off’) but it didn’t feel like work meeting up with loads of like- minded English teachers and sharing ideas so enthusiastically and freely (see earlier gushing blog post about this wonderful event). If you haven’t been to one: get to one. Invaluable CPD!

3. Being appointed as a Lead Practitioner – actually all the wonderful opportunities my school has given me. I have been lucky to have been ‘Literacy Coordinator’, then acting HoD in Drama covering a maternity leave this year alone, before being appointed in June as LP in English, so although my role hasn’t officially started yet due to timetable constraints and other responsibilities I am so very excited about developing in my permanent LP role next year. And it just so happened that I was lucky enough to achieve my main ambition of working towards becoming an AST/LP in or around my 5th year of teaching.

4. Being better at marking – I am doing it more often; it’s more meaningful; it informs my planning more; pupils are using it to help them; it’s been a way for me to embed DIRT before promoting it whole school next year. I have read numerous blog posts about marking and have found them all useful. Ultimately for me it was about being more organised and keeping a more useful record of my marking notes to help inform planning and feedback. I adapted the #5min Marking plan to help me do this effectively. It’s a great record.

5. Setting up my blog. I am really proud of my blog. It’s nothing special but I hope that some people find it useful. I am not blogging to change the world or to spark debate… That’s not me. I like to share some ideas, some thoughts, some things that work in T&L and hope that people can gain something from it like I gain so much from others’.

6. Establishing the Stoke Park Lead practitioner brand: logo, blog, VTE space. I felt quite nifty designing our logo and then working with the LP team to brand ourselves and launch ourselves to Staff before Christmas.

7.Working with new and different colleagues. This year I have worked with so many brilliant staff at my school from different subject areas. The teachers at Stoke Park are great!

8. The challenge of a top set year 11 Literature class. I was daunted to say the least but I thoroughly enjoyed this challenge and the experience of getting out of my comfort zone and teaching new texts. The kids achieved well too so that’s good isn’t it?! (One can hope!!).

9. Being back in touch with an AST mentor from my second year. I was so, so lucky to be mentored by a wonderful AST in my second year who worked with me as part of her outreach work. I cannot express how much I learnt from her and how much she shaped me into the teacher I am today and how grateful I am to her and when our time together finished I didn’t see her very much and then she left the area to take on a new role and I had no forwarding address for her (email address: I am not a stalker!). So you can only imaging how wonderful it was for me to receive a DM from her to say hello and that @mskjmoose whose great idea I had just favourited and commented in was in fact my wonderful mentor! (I actually cried when I read her message as I was so pleased I was back in touch with her and wanted to thank her for her help in helping me achieve my dream of becoming a LP/ AST ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜ƒ

10. Presenting at the Partnership Plus conference at Warwick University
11. Presenting at our school’s Partnership Plus Lesson for Real
I love presenting at CPD sessions (after getting over the nervousness I love the adrenaline rush) and have been so lucky to present at two major events in my school and within the city. These have led to me and some T&L colleagues being featured in Mike Hughes’ new book… When I know more I’ll give more details! #excited!

12. Creating a range of resources used school wide to promote effective Literacy across the curriculum. I am very proud of my Literacy resources. I shared some of the at #EnglishTMDerby. My posters are up in all classrooms and learning mats/key fobs are used in different subject areas.

13. Being more creative in my teaching. I vowed at the start of this academic year that is try and be more creative and I have tried. I have set up some great opportunities for pupils to be more creative and synthesise their learning more but there’s always room for more improvement… Here’s to 2014!

Things I am looking forward to in 2014; let’s keep it short!

1. Developing my role as Lead Practitioner in English
2. Attending more TeachMeet
3. Working with @annaloualton and my old colleagues at Myton school
4. Helping my school achieve Outstanding status… Like everyone we are working very hard and I think we deserve it.
5. Hosting a Teach Meet at my school so I can meet more of you lot in the flesh!
6. Seeing my wonderful year 11s through to May/June because we started Stoke Park at the same time and I love them!
7. Being a better friend: not just remembering to text my friends on their birthday but getting to the post box/ office to send their card and present
8. Leaving my phone alone and interacting with my fiancรฉ more… He’s very understanding of my demanding job but the hours I spend on Twitter and blogging may tip him over the edge and I worry sometimes that we don’t spend enough quality time together.
9. Being better at teaching grammar (please don’t judge me but I do want to be better at it and feel more confident about why things are ‘like that’ not just say that’s the way it is!)
10. I’d quite like to start planning my wedding to my lovely fiancรฉ (if I get off Twitter ha ha!) but in all seriousness we just haven’t quite ‘got there’ after getting engaged over a year ago so I’d like to get on it now!
11. Working more closely with the English department now I am not an English and Drama teacher (reduced TT for LP role meant losing Drama hours ๐Ÿ˜ž) I’m moving back into the Eng office after being HoD Drama and I am excited.
12. Working with a new HoD English: bit of a shift around and changes are exciting.
13. My mum getting married after a long and stressful 10 years I am excited to see her marry her lovely partner.
14. Remaining happy and healthy in order to carry on teaching and enjoying life.

๐ŸŽ‰Happy New Year to you all๐ŸŽ‰ Thank you for taking the time to (skim) read and thanks especially to those of you I interact with and nick ideas from! You’re fabulous!

Kathy ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐ŸŒŸ

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4 thoughts on “My ‘year’ on Twitter #nurture1314

  1. I enjoyed your blog, and well done on all you’ve achieved this year!

    Hope you’re not reading this as I type it, though – it’s NEW YEAR’S EVE and I hope you’re having a wonderful evening with your fiancรฉ!

    May 2014 be an excellent year for you.

    • Thank you Jill I appreciate your comment. I have only just read it so I did have A lovely NY eve with my fiancรฉ! Best wishes for the New Year and thank you again. K

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