Making progress

This is more of a personal post rather than a sharing ideas one… Thought it would be good to read through my #Nurture1314 post and see if I have made a start towards meeting any targets…


I have! Hurrah!

I have moved back into the English Office this week so I can work more closely with my English colleagues, as part of my LP role and I have had the best week! It’s been lovely being in the same environment as them; talking things ‘English’; sharing ideas; sharing marking and planning anxieties. It’s been very rewarding and I feel at home again.

Following a meeting with out AHT i/c of T&L (acronym overload!) I now have some projects to focus on which involves coaching two staff to develop from Good to Outstanding and or agonising and planning some CPD to another school. All of my projects involve me working with people and focus on developing Teaching and Learning… Who could ask for a better job?!

And finally following the wonderful year 11 results on Wednesday, the English department rejigged groups to allow pupils to focus either on English only or to now complete their Literature course. I was so proud of my class all but 2 achieved a C or a B and those who missed out missed out by a measly mark 😞. So it was with a heavy heart that I lost two students to another group but I retain the rest of my original class to focus on, and prepare them for their Lit exam which I am ecstatic about.

What a tremendous first week back!

How has yours been?

Kathy 👍😃

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