Teaching ideas for Drama

Being reflective in Drama is vital for improvement so I transferred this nifty little resources that I use in English into my Drama lessons this week following a baseline assessment I completed with all KS3 classes. I used sentence starters to help scaffold and model for weaker pupils; particularly for my EAL learners.

Not only did it get my pupils reflecting on what went well and what could be better about their performances and group work, their comments matched my feedback almost exactly which meant that they were being accurate and effective in their reflections. All round success! I have kept hold of the slips, I will attach them to their assessment booklets so a self-reflection record is maintained alongside the summative feedback I give them at the end of each project.

Other evaluation tools used in drama are the skills audit.

These have been successful in helping pupils focus on setting their own targets. Visual aid can be used using the traffic light system and this works especially well for SEND and EAL pupils and therefore for all.

And don’t forget to use key words to help pupils use subject specific terminology when they are reflecting and evaluating! Here’s the Drama word wall in my classroom!
Happy reflecting!


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